Builder of Bear #8, POLA, celebrates 63rd wedding anniversary

J. Vincent and Barbara recently celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary. This event came on the heels of Mr. Vincent and Barbara having become reacquainted with POLA virtually 61 years to the day that she was launched by the Vincents in 1939.

During the course of their owning and caring for POLA Barbara wrote and successfully published a number of articles about her and their life with her. One of these articles appeared in YACHTING magazine in 1954. We are pleased to post a copy of the article here, courtesy of the Vincents.

 Penned in 1940 and appearing in SEA magazine is this article by Barbara Vincent about cruising the Delta in the Vincent’s Bear, POLA.

A personal note here: Please notice the photo on the first page of the article. The boat on the right is SCAMP, a Kettenburg (San Diego) P.C. (stands for Pacific Class, 32 ft. LOA and adopted as one design class of the San Diego Yacht Club in the 1920's). Yours truly (Website initiator Steve Barber) owns a Kettenburg 38. It was the ownership of the Kettenburg which led me to obtain my Bear, POLA... a long story I'll tell you sometime. Anyway, as the owner and renovator of two classics, one indigenous to and part of the history of Northern California and the other one synonymous with Southern California sailing history, both members of the SF Master Mariners, both beautiful to look at and sail in their own right etc, etc, etc, yawn!!, let me tell you it feels good to see these two names having been chums for over 60 years.

 Published in what seems to be the RICHMOND INDEPENDENT on 04/03/48 is this illustraded short biography of the builder of POLA.

 The inscription reads:
Pacific Coast Championship Regata

The Plaque is made of redwood burl.

This race inaugurated the 1939 World's Fair* held at Treasure Island. J. Vincent entered the race simply to help the Bear boat design become a "class" for racing purposes. The story of how POLA came to claim first place is found in the WoodenBoat article in the Records section of our website.
*officially called the Golden Gate International Exposition 1939.

 The Building of Bear #8, Pola
J.A. Vincent built what he called a "shack" from wood and windows scavenged from a dismantled SanteFe Railroad building in Richmond. As a lifelong Richmond resident and boatbuilder from his boyhood years Mr. Vincent became a Chevron engineer after this boyhood of sailing his own boats along with his brother and friends. These photos are courtesy of J. Vincent, taken from his scrapbook. They chronicle the build, launch and sailing of POLA, Bear Boat hull #8. Mr. Vincent tells us that this hull was the first built from the Nunes Brothers plans but not built at their yard, the Great Depression having caused people with a love of sailing and boats to forego the expense of a yard build boat while the yard still realized some income from the utilization of their plans.

 Pola Under Stever Barber
The driving force for the original Bear Boat Association Website and much of the information we have today was Pola's later owner, Steve Barber.

 Builder of Bear Boat #8, Pola, Re-Visits His Creation
J. Vincent meets Pola again after many years.

 Pola's Trophies
Trophies earned by Bear #8, Pola over many years.

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